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At SWA Claims Management Services LLC we provide our clients with professional, fully qualified adjusters who will service their claims needs from inception to completion. We understand that success is based on team work and recognize that every member of the team plays a vital role. Our teams of adjusters assist clients with matters pertaining to catastrophe, daily business, temporary assistance, quality control and management. SWA Claims Management is a dependable company that efficiently handles property and auto claims across the United States as well as Canada. At SWA Claims Management Services LLC we remain flexible for our clients and can provide adjusters for any size event..

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Claims Management
Third Party Administration
Desk Adjusting
Specialty Training for Veterans
Independent Adjusting: Residential, Commercial, Flood, Farm & Ranch, Industrial, Large Complex Losses, Marine, Auto



The Insurance Industry is a rather competitive marketplace but it’s the goal of SWA Claims Management Services LLC to stand out among the rest by providing the highest caliber of customer relations and services. Our company strives to provide ethical, conscientious, accurate and reliable services that reflect the personal standards and work ethics set forth by our founders.

Increases in Your Daily Claims Load

We have recognized our customers’ needs becoming more specialized – so we have developed additional services and technologies specifically designed to meet those needs.

Layoffs, Downsizing, Force Reduction

Layoffs create potential significant legal costs if they aren’t done well and morale, productivity, and loyalty in the workplace may suffer among the employees who are left.

Temporary Assistance

We understand the balance between industry requirements versus the business needs of a contractor and that any successful program must be a win for all participants.


Our adjusters work diligently to gather a comprehensive understanding of the day-to-day operations that could affect a claim.


Mutually beneficial working relationship is formed through cooperation, efficiency, knowledge and management.


The Experience you want, the Skills you need. Contact us to learn more about how our experience can simplify your staffing process.


Fast and effective insurance claims outsourcing services provided by SWA Claims Management ensures client satisfaction and reduced operational time and costs. We offers robust insurance data entry services that streamline claims operations for insurance providers - resulting in fast and accurate settlements.

SWA University

For Veterans

Our vision is to give those that have suffered a disability the opportunity to work and support their families. Starting an exciting new career as an independent CAT adjuster means putting yourself back in the driver’s seat of your own future.

Be Your Own Boss

Imagine a career you can start in as little as a couple months, often working far less than full time, and making six figures in your first year.

Time Freedom

One of the most amazing benefits of your new CAT career is recapturing control over your own time and schedule.

Make a Difference

One of the most rewarding outcomes of this career is that your work brings tangible aid and relief to folks going through tough times.


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